Birthday Parties

What you can expect:

When you book a birthday party with us, expect a great memory making event!


For our MOBILE PETTING FARM BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE, Small World Farm will bring between 10-12 miniature animals (including goats, pigs, rabbits, chick/ducks, zebu (cow), etc.) We also have a miniature horse (for petting only, he's too small to be ridden)  All can be handled by children. (See photo gallery below.) Our fee includes loading up the animals and bringing the farm to you for an hour and a half.  During that time, the birthday child will have 15 minutes of private time with the animals for birthday photos. Then, guests can feed, hold, and love on them as we provide educational information for children on raising and handling farm animals.  This party option requires at least a 24X24 grassy area and shade if possible.

Our CUTE AND CUDDLY MINI PETTING EXPERIENCE, includes our bringing 5-6 small animals - rabbits, chickens, ducks, possibly a baby goat kid (when available), and other small animals to your party. This option, while not as grand as our petting farm, is good for small events and younger children who may be leery of large animals. This event can be set up indoors or outdoors and also makes a great rainy day option. (See photo gallery below.) 

Every little girl will love our PRINCESSES AND PONIES party.   This package can also be adapted to a UNICORN PARTY (See photo gallery below)  or MY LITTLE PONY party theme. Guests will interact with the ponies, style their hair and give them glitter tattoos. Face (cheek) painting will be done for all child guests. This package can be purchased by itself, or as an add on to our other packages. Pony rides available for children under 80 lbs.

For the young pardners, the MY FIRST RODEO package is a great choice! Guests (wearing their cowboy hats and bandannas - supplied by us) will brush and groom the miniature horses, Rodeo themed party games will be provided by Small World Farms.  You provide the birthday child and the guests and we'll entertain them (not including food, cake, drink, etc.).  This package can be purchased by itself, or as an add on to our other packages. Pony rides available for children under 80 lbs.(See photo gallery below.)  


Click  below for general price information. Please note, that some special  requests, long travel distances and  high peak dates may incur  additional charges.   

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