Our Minis

Megara (Meg)


Meg is a Nigerian Dwarf. She's one of our sweetest and most loving pets.  She likes hugs and goat kisses and would love to sit in your lap.



Bullseye is a miniature horse. About three years old, he's not big enough to ride, but surely big enough to love! Bullseye stands about 3 feet tall.  He loves to be petted on the chin and neck.

Snow White (and the Dwarfs)


Friendly dwarf bunnies who enjoy being played with, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will welcome your petting their amazingly soft fur.  Also, we'd like to give a big congratulations to Doc who just had a litter of four new baby bunnies for us to love.



She's the one who started it all! Jazzie was our first bottle baby.  She lived in our house for months, now she's the princess of the barnyard.  Hint: give her an animal cracker and she'll be your friend for life!

The Twins (Ariel and Eric)


Ariel and Eric are super spunky and fun loving.  You should see these guys on their playground.  They love to go down the slide and play on their barnyard playhouse.  You can't help but smile when these littles are around!



This is the awesome lady that gave us the twins, Ariel and Eric.  Ursula is our herd queen.  That means she bosses everyone around!  Not really petting zoo material, but she sure makes awesome kids.



Stitch has got to be the most lovable pot belly pig you'll ever met.  Start petting him and watch him fall over on his side for more lovin!  Whenever we're in the barnyard, this guys is right at someone's feet.



Alice is one of our shyest babies.  When she came to us, she wouldn't let us touch her at all! However, with the help of animal crackers and fig newtons, Alice is really coming around.  Hopefully she'll be joining our petting zoo soon.

Charming and Ella


Charming and Ella are our fairy tale mini donkeys.  The are just about inseparable and we're hoping to maybe get a baby from them next year, they're totally a couple. Does this scene remind you of anything?



3-1/2 lbs of adorableness.  Piglet is under 3 months old.  He loves hanging out with Stitch and the other barnyard animals.  He still lives in the house with us now, and believe it or not... He's litter box trained.

Mater and McQueen


Have you ever seen a cow that could ride in a car? Mater and McQueen can! They're actually smaller than our largest goat.  They are mini Zebu. Both are bottle babies and are under two months old.



Practically perfect in every way, Poppins is literally ready to POP! We're expecting kids from her any day now and can't wait to celebrate their arrival.



Yzma is an awesome goat and an awesome goat mom.  She recently gave us our newest kid to be born on the farm, Kronk!  You can meet both Izma and Kronk at our parties and events.



Sorry about the blur, but this little guy NEVER stays still so that we can get a good shot of him! He's a hot mess, our newest kid to be born on the farm.  Check out that black belly!



Herc is our new herd sire! He won't be at any petting zoo events, but he'll work behind the scenes making sure all our girls are happy.  We think he's gonna give us plenty of beautiful kids in the future.

Venelope and Ralph


Venolope and Ralph are American Blackbelly Sheep.  Because of their awesome hair, they do not have to be shorn.  Their coats stay beautiful year round.  These guys are new to the farm and a bit shy, but we're working with them daily.

The Baby Bunnies


Thanks to Doc, we have new bunnies on the farm.  My grandkids and nephew named them Dash, Thumper, Clover, and Oswald.

Who'll be next?


There's always room for more!